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Based in Gloucester, England

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NEON Shell is a 2D cyberpunk action game in which you attempt to protect a corporation's server and its data from cyber attack. The core of the gameplay is a balance between finding the time for your weapon to charge, destroying the most threatening enemies and picking up the right power up drops for any given moment. All in the hope to survive long enough for your corporation to transfer the data it needs to delay the inevitable march of progress.


The game started out as a project for the 3rd Wizard Jam, the Idle Thumbs community game jam, back in 2016 under the name Rogue Robot Rogues. This initial version was made in two days and had the basic gameplay but lacked the wider theme, style and dynamic gameplay of the current version of the game.


  • A different take on the cyberpunk genre.
  • With a sleek and colourful art style
  • High quality, bespoke music and sound design.
  • Tactical yet simplistic gameplay.
  • Online highscore board.


Gameplay Video YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Wow, that's really good."
    - Jake Rodkin - Playing Rogue Robot Rogues, Stream Archive

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About Sam Richards

Game developer since 2010, working on game jams and longer projects along with commercial ventures at Mobile Pie, all with a goal of painting a vivid and engaging world through interactive play.

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NEON Shell Credits

Sam Richards
Design, Art and Gameplay Programming

Toby Misselbrook
Sound Designer

Aidan Thomas Tobin

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