• NEON Shell
    Unity ~ 2018-2016
    Role: Design, Art and Gameplay Programming
    A 2D cyberpunk action game in which you attempt to survive long enough for your corporation to transfer the data it needs to delay the inevitable march of progress. I have led the design and development through a number of iterations with a focus on playtesting and feedback.
  • Kojima Party: Car Sumo
    Unity ~ PlayWest ~ 2018
    Role: Design and Gameplay Programming
    Players use bumpers and physics to slap and push all the other cars out of a randomly placed ring. I worked as a scrum leader maintaining the design of the mini game, managing its integration with larger systems while working on systems for player and sound management.
    Project Files On Request
  • Node Based AI
    Unity ~ 2018
    Role: Gameplay Programming
    Designed and developed in Unity. The system supports actors walking along paths made up of nodes which can have different types which effect the AI behaviour of the actors and how they treat the red enemy cube.
    Project Files On Request
  • Dungeon Generator
    Unity ~ 2018
    Role: Gameplay Programming
    Designed and developed in Unity. The system generates dungeons in stages starting with rooms then corridors, using a maze algorithm, lastly a pathfinding map is created and the level is loaded.
    Project Files On Request
  • Q.U.B.E. 2
    Unreal ~ Toxic Games ~ 2018
    Role: QA Tester
    My role on the project included playing through the game in full and recording any obvious bugs, along with checking on fixes for existing issues and working out repeatable processes for rarer glitches.
  • Go Jetters: Cadet Rescue
    Play Canvas ~ Mobile Pie ~ 2017
    Role: Concept Design and Gameplay Programming
    I helped with the original pitch for the design of Go Jetters: Cadet Rescue. After our design was green lit I worked on the development of some of the mini-games as well as visual effects and level design.
  • England's Historic Cities
    Unity ~ Mobile Pie ~ 2017
    Role: System Design and UI Programming
    EHC is an interactive tour experience for any of twelve museums across the UK. From the initial wireframe stage, I worked on the development of AR and VR systems and the interactive UI screens.
  • Good... Bye
    Unreal ~ 2017
    Role: Design, Art And Gameplay Programming
    A first person narrative puzzle game. I led the project working on the design, development and writing with the voices of Zindzi Swan and Tessa Racked, art by Steven Sugar, sound design by Toby Misselbrook and music by Joel Whitaker.
  • Dead Letters
    Unity ~ 2017
    Role: Design, Art and Gameplay Programming
    Dead Letters is an arcade typing game, somewhat inspired by Duck Hunt and created to try and gamify the act of touch typing. I worked on the design, development and art with sound design by Toby Misselbrook and music by Joel Whitaker.
  • Changes
    Unity ~ Mobile Pie ~ 2016
    Role: UI and Gameplay Programming
    Originally designed by a group of school girls to educate other girls about puberty, their concept was a winner of the Apps for Good charity competition. I developed the app and helped with the design of the mini-games alongside the girls and Apps for Good.
  • Ascii Game Engine
    C++ ~ 2015
    Role: Engine and Gameplay Programming
    A game engine written in C++ using the Libcaca ASCII graphics library. It uses a scene and gameobject system inspired by the Unity engine. This allows for memory to be managed using an object pool on a per scene basis.
    Project Files On Request
  • Teleporta
    Unity/Java ~ 2014-2012
    Role: Design, Art and Gameplay Programming
    A puzzle platformer with a central tile moving mechanic and levels that introduce different environmental mechanics as they progress. Originally developed in Java the project went through many technical and design iterations, finishing in Unity in 2014.
    Project Files On Request
  • A Basketball Game
    Gamemaker ~ 2013
    Role: Design, Art and Gameplay Programming
    A Basketball Game is actually a side scrolling shooter vaguely based around a sports theme. I worked on the design and development of the game in GameMaker, planning and implementing the enemy designs and boss cycles, each inspired by a different sport.
    Project Files On Request